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Fired engineer says Apple was previously aware of his writing

The epidemic has given a huge boost to digital sites, with a sharp increase in consumers opting for e-services. It also inspires more investors’ interest in these businesses.

Over the past few weeks, a number of start-ups including Misho, Grove, Shercott and Great have joined the Unicorn Club (companies worth over a billion dollars) to raise funds.

Facebook on Friday lost a legal battle with Ireland’s data privacy watchdog over the EU’s privacy decision, resulting in the social networking site U.S. Forced had to stop transferring data.

The Irish High Court has rejected Facebook’s attempt to block a draft decision by the country’s Data Protection Commission, and the company’s data has been rejected by the European Union and the U.S. Is ordered to be suspended.

Judge David Barney wrote in his ruling that Facebook “must fail on the grounds of challenge, and therefore has no right to any relief alleged in the lawsuit.”

Several EU High Court rulings have been upheld by the EU-US. Data transfer, also known as a privacy shield, claims that the US government has done nothing to protect users from cybernoping.

The Data Protection Commission “accepts today’s decision,” spokesman Graham Doyle said.

In a statement, Facebook hopes to “protect our compliance” with the commission because “their initial decision would be harmful not only to Facebook but to users and other businesses.”

The latest court ruling comes in the wake of a protracted battle between Facebook and Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, who in 2013 complained about Facebook manipulating its data after reports by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden I went.

Facebook has data centers around the world and following this order would mean a costly and complex change in its operations to ensure that European users’ data is silent from the United States. However, whatever the outcome – if any – will be for Facebook users.

While this case specifically targets Facebook, it may have extensive aggregation for trans-Atlantic data transfers. This is because the Irish Monitoring Group is the lead regulator for the implementation of strict EU privacy policies for many Silicon Valley technology companies headquartered in Ireland, including Google and Twitter.

Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former Apple Inc. engineer, was fired because of opposition to previous comments about women by employees, stating that the company was previously aware of the writing that led to his dismissal.

Garcia Martinez wrote on Twitter on Friday, “Apple knew my writing well before I took over, making the first public comment this week after leaving the iPhone maker.” My notes are my best-selling book and my True professional personalities (rather than literature) were asked in detail. “The former Apple engineer said that he was” fired to a quick end by Apple “and took his life to join California-based Cupertino.” Changed.

Garcia Martinez was hired in April as an engineer for Apple’s Advertising Sites team, which operates advertising sites on the App Store, Apple News and the Stokes App. “Apple actively recruited me for my role in the advertising team and contacted a former colleague to convince me to join,” he tweeted. “Apple found my experience in the advertising field, particularly around data and privacy, very relevant to their efforts and then prompted me to step down from my role.”

Apple was not surprised at the company’s rigorous recruitment process prior to its hiring for its writing awareness, but asked questions about how acceptance of that process hired him. The company did not immediately respond to Garcia Martinez’s request for comment on the tweet.

Earlier this week, several Apple employees complained that they had hired Garcia Martinez on local and social media, citing his comments and parts of his 2016 memoir, “Chaos Monkeys”. In the book, Garcia Martinez called the women of Silicon Valley “weak and vulnerable” and published a series of statements that were misrepresented and racist by Apple employees.

In an internal note to Eddie Q, Apple’s senior vice president oversees services such as advertising, and executives in the field of integration and diversity asked how Apple employees could hire a company that would pride itself on diversity is.

Activists wrote, “We demand an inquiry into how their published comments about women and people of color were missed or ignored, with a clear action plan to prevent this from happening again . “. Internal storms at Apple are rare for a company that has Google and other Alphabet Inc. Related disputes that plague technology companies have almost been set aside.

“At Apple, we always strive to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace that respects and welcomes everyone,” Apple announced on Wednesday that it was not with Garcia Martinez. “There is no place here for embarrassing or discriminatory behavior about who people are.”The updated privacy policy of WhatsApp has now been launched. The Facebook-owned company has stepped back from the deadline for users to accept the new terms of service, but it will be operational soon. To reconsider, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was originally scheduled to go into effect on February 8, but it was delayed until May 15 due to unemployment by key users. This means that WhatsApp users will have to accept the new terms of service or lose access to their account. But I will not delete any account, but WhatsApp has relaxed again in this time frame as it will soon start controlling the features.

WhatsApp tweeted the previous day, assuring users that “it will not see your personal messages”, “your account will not be deleted”. He said that users can accept the new privacy policy at any time. This means that you can continue using WhatsApp, even if you have not yet received the new Terms of Service. If you want to continue using WhatsApp services, you should do so in the end.

If WhatsApp users do not accept the new terms then there will be “limited account work”. WhatsApp users will not be able to access their chat list, but they will be able to answer voice and video calls. WhatsApp will allow users to recall missed voice or video calls. Announcements occur and users can read and respond to messages.

But this will only continue for a few weeks as it will prevent users from receiving incoming calls or notifications. This means that users will either accept the new policy or lose their WhatsApp account.

Goo, a Twitter competitor, is talking to investors for fundraising and hopes to conclude a deal in the next 3-4 months, said Gora co-founder Abramay Radhakrishna.

Goo, which has seen a huge increase in the number of users in the country over the past few months, expects an increase “compared to the previous round”.

In February, Goo said it raised $ 4.1 million from Series A funds from Acele, Calorie Capital, Bloom Ventures and Dream Incubator and 3one4 Capital. In total, it raised approximately $ 10 million in total funds through several banks.

Radhakrishna told PTI, “We have raised some money in January and are talking to people who are interested in putting money in. We will watch the conversation and see what works.”

He said that the company hopes to close the transaction in the next 3-4 months.

Although Radhakrishna was strict about how much money Goo wants to raise, he said that he wants to raise more than the amount raised in the previous round.

“Social media hunger is found among patriarchs,” he said. With around 60 million users on its platform, Goo finds ample room for growth and is investing in expanding its infrastructure and strengthening its leadership.

“Goo is a social media platform that needs to be built over the next decade. We will be at different levels of fundraising and at different levels depending on our performance.” Radhakrishna.

Goo released its new logo on Thursday. The new logo is a continuation of the yellow bird, but with a new look.

The social media platform – which seeks to significantly elevate its user base on the platform, specifically run by Northerner customers – aims to reach 100 million downloads.

India is an important market for Internet companies like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. The country is the world’s second largest telecommunications market and the largest consumer of data.

For the past several months, calls have been coming to expand the domestic digital platform ecosystem.

Notably, domestic social media platform Shercott raised $ 502 million (about $ 7,725 million) in funding over $ 2.1 billion, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Tiger Global, last month. The Twitter-existing Shercoat investor has partnered with Snap Inc. (which owns photo-messaging app Snapshot) and India Quotient.

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