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Fidelity Funds – China Innovation Fund A-USD

Total Revenue (30/04/2021)
1 month 3 month 6 month YTD 1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years since launch
A-USD Stock Class 2.12% -0.98% 19.13% 6.75% 43.39% 31.05% 106.95% 85.76% 111.21%
5.00% Sales Fee -2.99% -5.93% 13.17% 1.41% 36.22% 24.50% 96.60% 76.47% 100.65%
Index (A-USD) 2.31% -3.75% 12.78% 2.22% 37.38% 28.42% 104.52% 107.43% 131.93%
Year Retrieved (30/04/2021)
1 year 3 years 5 years since establishment
A-USD Stock Class 43.39% 9.43% 15.66% 6.75%
5.00% Sales Fee 36.22% 7.58% 14.48% 6.28%
Index (A-USD) 37.38% 8.70% 15.38% 7.63%
Investment objective

These funds seek to achieve long-term capital growth in the Greater China region, or in a registered office, or by investing in shares of companies currently exercising or hoping to exercise. This includes Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau. There are many countries in the region that are considered to be emerging markets. Investment is linked to the topic of change such as technological changes, lifestyle changes and environmental changes.
The focus of investment under the theme of technological innovation is artificial intelligence and digitization (eg technology that converts information into digital form to improve business processes, create new revenue streams, expand market opportunities and increase productivity ); Automation and robotics and the pace of the future (eg driving, technology and business models in transportation and travel). Lifestyle change is based on changing and improving lives through innovative solutions through health, money and education.
Under the environmental change, the focus will be on the development and use of products and processes that contribute to sustainable environmental protection and environmental development. These topics include investments with the adoption of any or all companies that are benefiting from but are not limited to. The top ten assets/securities in the fund’s portfolio may account for 50% or more of the fund’s net asset value, resulting in a reasonably accumulated portfolio.
At least 50% of the fund’s net assets will be invested in securities considered to be maintaining immovable assets. These funds will consider environmental and social characteristics on an ongoing basis. Environmental characteristics include, but are not regulated by, climate change, mitigation and adaptation, water and waste management and biodiversity, while social characteristics include product safety, supply chain, health and safety, and human rights.
Environmental and social characteristics were evaluated by leading reliability analysts and assessed through the use of research and sustainability assessments. The funds are actively managed. When selecting an investment for investment manager, finance and risk monitoring purposes, the MSCI refers to China All Stock Index (“Index”) as the representative of the index is the representative of the invested companies. Of finance.
Financial performance can be evaluated on the basis of its index. The investment manager has a wide range of decisions related to the index. While these funds hold assets that are part of the index, they can also invest in companies, countries, or regions that are not included, and may have different weightings from the index to maximize investment opportunities.
In the long run, the fund’s performance with the index is expected to vary. However, in the short term, depending on market conditions, the fund’s performance may be close to that of the index. The index attracted the attention of stakeholders to the fact that it is not a code that includes environmental and social considerations. Instead, these funds promote environmental and social characteristics by following a reliable sustainable investment structure as described above.
Financial facts
Equity fund type fund
Market Index MSCI China All Share Index (NET)
Portfolio Manager Tian Tina
McLean Casey
Fund release date 23/11/2009
Partition class release date 23/11/2009
Grant amount US $ 107.95m
Bloomberg Ticker FIDCAUS LX
Active Cash 69.37%
Sharing is a distribution class
Annual Management Fee 1.50%
Max. Sales Fee 5.25%

Source: Credibility

On July 1, 2011, the MSCI Zhang Hua cap was changed from 10% to the MSCI Zhang Hua cap of 10% (net). The reason for the change is the net index, which calculates the net performance of the suspension lines. Performance (and mesh of suspension lines).

Performance data is calculated on the basis of NAV-NAV with reinvested dividends and is specified in terms of the respective currency. Past performance does not indicate future earnings.

All financial prices quoted are calculated as of the latest valuation date. They do not indicate the likely trend or price of the fund (s) in the future. Investors investing in specified funds in local non-currency should be aware of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause principal losses when the foreign currency is converted. Return on investors’ money. Occasional exchange restrictions may apply to some foreign currencies.

See the brochure for details of investment objectives and risks associated with specified funds. This document is for general circulation only and does not take into account specific investment objectives, financial condition,s and the specific needs of a particular person who has achieved it. You should consult a financial advisor before investing in funds. If you choose not to consult a financial advisor, then you should consider whether the funds under consideration are suitable for you. This document should not be considered as a suggestion or recommendation

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