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European markets pull off their lows as tech stabilises, Alphawave slumps

European markets declined sharply at a time today, reaching a five-week low of the FDSE 100 and DAX, as inflationary concerns again affected the sentiment. However, this short period of time has proved to be short-lived, with the remaining days spent entirely on the nail, or all losses reversed, with the FTSE performing poorly overweight on resources, with most of the losses being concentrated today.

In the most turbulent environment, the market continues to be mired in confusion as to whether the war on the current rising inflation prints is temporary in nature. The US BPI for April not only helped strengthen this inflation forecast, but it is still difficult to determine how significant the impact will be on the total numbers.

Energy and primary resources are behind the worst-performing energy prices in the UK market and falling base metal prices. The biggest decline was in Anglo-American, Rio Tinto, and Fresnelo with PP and Royal Dutch Shell as oil prices weakened in the wake of the colonial system.

Following today’s update of the major engine flight times for the first four months of this year, Rolls-Royce’s share price is trading between negative and positive zones today, on suspicion that they will be up 55% by 2019 (EFH) Engines will reach flight time. 40% of the 2019 level is supported by cargo demand and maintenance of major routes. This leaves plenty of ground to reach later in the year.

The fall in the BT Group’s share price after full-year results was somewhat embarrassing to expectations. As stocks rise more than 30% from their February lows, the bar for good numbers is high, so stocks are always ripe to pull. Today’s annoying Q4, which saw a drop in EBITDA. Revenue for the full year stood at Rs.8 1.8 billion, 23% lower than the previous year, down 7%. 21.33 billion. BT also said that it has increased the target of introducing 5 meters of high-speed fiber broadband to 25 meters of homes by 2026. She said that it was open to a joint effort to achieve this goal in order to do so.

After a few mixed results throughout the year, Burberry shares are also falling. Revenue for the full year stood at $ 342.34 billion as adjusted pre-tax revenue reached $ 365.7 million, which was above expectations, while China’s sales improved. There have been failures in its guidance on margins for the coming year, with management citing headaches as a generalization of increased investment and spending.

Cash manager Hargreaves Lansdowne is also under pressure, despite revealing a strong year for customer growth and assets under management. After a strong year for customer growth and assets under management, there may be concerns that handling volumes will begin to slow as soon as the economy reopens. M&G was high on reports of Schroeder’s auction being subject to interest earlier this year. The Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust is also getting some buyers after a three-day decline in Nasdaq.

At a time that can only be described as bad, Canadian chip and semiconductor maker Albave today saw its shares harden at the London launch due to recent weakness in tech stocks. As part of another expansion to open a new headquarters and R&D center in Cambridge, the company has grown to $ 856 million after a 410p per share price, selling 360m new listing shares for 28% of the business. country. This is a disgusting effect that gives high expectations and accolades, which again raises questions about pricing. Given the drop in delivery and the deep traces emerging ahead of their pricing, it seems that coming to an optimal estimate is not as easy. In this uncertain and busy time, there may be an opportunity for some luck rather than a decision.

Eventually, there was a dispute about something. It is important that someone is willing to pay for it. In terms of its numbers, bookings for this year will be over 2020, with over 40 million meters, and the company will earn royalties each time the product is sold. Uses its technology or IP. The company expects the business to reach more than $ 240 million by the end of 2023, after recently signing deals with companies such as Samsung and DSMC.

Despite recent US PPI figures in April, despite recent US PPI figures rising to 6.2%, US markets are trying to build some kind of platform after the last few days of declines. On a positive note, the demand for weekly unemployment decreased from 507,000 last week to 473,000.

Tesla shares have moved within touch of the 200-day moving average, although CEO Elon Musk’s handbrake has so far held bitcoin above last night. As his concerns about bitcoin’s energy track have been widely discussed for months, he may have identified a contradiction in Tesla’s claims of being environmentally friendly, as opposed to supporting crypto energy intensity.

Online car retailer Voom reported higher-than-expected earnings in the first quarter after its shares reached $ 591.1 million, while a loss of $ 0.57 per share is expected. E-commerce sales grew by 96%, increasing revenue by 123%. Total costs increased 87% year-on-year to $ 9,109 million, up from $ 58.4 million, with outgoing logistics up 165%.

Later today we will get the Q1 number from Coinbase and Airbnb and the Q2 number from Disney. There has certainly been no shortage of interest around cryptocurrency over the years and the decision to sell shares in one of the largest cryptocurrencies has generated a lot of interest with bitcoin and Ethereum trading options at record levels. In days. In its latest update, Coinbase announced that it expects to earn between 30 730m and 800m this quarter, so let’s see how close we can get. The company said it has 56 million verified users and the latest results show that the company reached $ 1.8 billion in the first three months of its fiscal year.

For Disney, their theme parks are re-opening last month, Is Mouse House Bad? see you tonight.


After opening the day on the front foot, the US dollar retreated to its recent gains. Not surprisingly, the US BPI is heating up more than expected, with weekly unemployment demand falling below 500,000 for the first time since the lockout.


Commodity prices are now under control following actions by the State Council of China to deal with the rapid rise in commodity prices. It seems that there has been a sharp fall in the prices of iron ore and steel recycling, resulting in a fall in copper prices.

Crude oil prices have increased demand concerns in Asia and the US, with pressure exacerbated by the announcement that the colonial pipeline had reopened and resumed supply, which raised concerns about supply shortages Had given it away.

Bitcoin quickly hit a two-month low of more than k46 before Tesla CEO Elon Musk recovered more than 50k on receiving crypto tokens as a charge for electric cars, making cryptos cool today.

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