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Crypto Markets Are Where the Fun Is

One model that I often use for cryptocurrency is the redistribution of traditional funds: in its early days, crypto was a new financial system that did not survive the previous evils of central banking, action and regulation. People finally realized that some were good and they started making them again. One way to redefine fundisks is for idealistic crypto technologists to explore from the first principles of banking, foreign exchange, regulation, etc. how the traditional financial system responds, or without it. Why it rejected these problems or other solutions. You hope to lead it to wrong but interesting results, **** new ways of doing bad things, but instead point towards a better future.

Another way to reinvent funds, such as the Wall Street Derivatives Framework or High Frequency Traders or Security Regulators, says, “Wait, I know this thing, let go crypto, it’s easy, somebody Nobody else knows. Here’s a very funny story by Justina Lee of Bloomberg:

“The fun we had in commodity markets 30 years ago is no longer fun – it’s fun to be in crypto,” said Trey Griggs, former executive of GSR Markets in Houston [former Wall Street Energy Entrepreneur]. .

Griggs is one of the crypto newcomers testing and testing formal techniques in a growing new corner in regular asset classes – price arbitrage, futures trading, option writing. Like the big investors behind bitcoin, boutique companies like Mike Novogratz break records in an ever-growing crypto rally. …

Go to Mark Trenkman. After a career that mostly owns stock-trading stores such as Simra Securities, Digital Money is renewing its interest in volume trading.

“I looked at my old strategies and things that didn’t work with stocks for decades, and they’re still on the edge of crypto,” he said.

I think many of these techniques involve a lot of intellectual property and intuition built over decades in high funds, but others are similar, you can buy a coin for $ 80 at a time and sell it for $ 100 :

Within minutes of trading on Wednesday, the price of the Ethereum Classic exceeded $ 100 on the Coinbase Exchange. Digital tokens trade elsewhere for less than $ 80, giving investors a clear opportunity to make money by buying in one place and selling in another.

Or no one has the money to claim it unless they can use the word “Kondango” with confidence:

Opportunities appear everywhere. For example, when the long-term future in any type of real estate business exceeds the spot value – known as contango – the former always becomes the latter in the form of a contract. .

Popular trading based on crypto, where an investor expanded the spot rate and created futures.

When bitcoin was last raised in mid-April, contracts in December were almost 4% higher than in August, 2% above the spot reference rate, as speculators issued challenges to rising prices.

One aspect of this story is that whether you are a futures trader or a manufacturer of electronics markets or a manufacturer of derivatives in traditional finance, you apply some basic points on a competitive industry. If you go into the Shakir crypto business, there is less competition – with the relevant sentiments of good capitalists with good capital and access to foreign exchange and value models – and you can easily make a lot of money. If you work on Wall Street, you need money, so moving to an area that pays you more is attractive.

But the other aspect of it is that if you work on Wall Street – especially as a derivative manufacturer or developer of high frequency trading or defense attorneys – then you might like it. Because you are interested in architecture and you enjoy the technical details of these methods, you are trying to find new ways to push them. In traditional finance it is saturated and competitive: it is not only difficult to get rich by creating a new derivative framework or trading system, but it is also difficult to gain intellectual satisfaction by doing so because there is already a lot of potential, and the change is technically Will increase. In crypto it can feel more like a blank slate, or at the very least, a different foundation, where reconstruction requires ingenuity – ***** previous structures.

None of these referees will last forever. Crypto trading will eventually become as competitive as traditional finance, and changes in crypto markets will be difficult. But for now, if you are in the business of inventing traditional financial structures, crypto will have a lot of fun remodeling those structures.

Elsewhere, a Goldman dog coin merchant called Amir:

Goldman Sachs is said to have left London after earning millions on Doug Coin, a managing director.

Sources say Aziz McMahon, managing director of Goldman Sachs in London and head of emerging markets, has resigned. Cryptocurrency champion Elon Musk said the value had risen 72-fold from the beginning of January to the end after making money in Doc Coin. Week.

One thing to think about is that if you run a company then how many crimes should your company commit. For any organization, the inexperienced answer is that the optimal level of crime is zero: committing a crime is bad, prohibited, you should not do things that are prohibited, which is a basic precedent.

This view is not very accurate and I think that one topic here from time to time is that the optimal crime rate for many companies is slightly higher than zero. I have recently recommended

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