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Fired engineer says Apple was previously aware of his writing


The epidemic has given a huge boost to digital sites, with a sharp increase in consumers opting for e-services. It also inspires more investors’ interest in these businesses.

Over the past few weeks, a number of start-ups including Misho, Grove, Shercott and Great have joined the Unicorn Club (companies worth over a billion dollars) to raise funds.

Facebook on Friday lost a legal battle with Ireland’s data privacy watchdog over the EU’s privacy decision, resulting in the social networking site U.S. Forced had to stop transferring data.

The Irish High Court has rejected Facebook’s attempt to block a draft decision by the country’s Data Protection Commission, and the company’s data has been rejected by the European Union and the U.S. Is ordered to be suspended.

Judge David Barney wrote in his ruling that Facebook “must fail on the grounds of challenge, and therefore has no right to any relief alleged in the lawsuit.”

Several EU High Court rulings have been upheld by the EU-US. Data transfer, also known as a privacy shield, claims that the US government has done nothing to protect users from cybernoping.

The Data Protection Commission “accepts today’s decision,” spokesman Graham Doyle said.

In a statement, Facebook hopes to “protect our compliance” with the commission because “their initial decision would be harmful not only to Facebook but to users and other businesses.”

The latest court ruling comes in the wake of a protracted battle between Facebook and Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, who in 2013 complained about Facebook manipulating its data after reports by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden I went.

Facebook has data centers around the world and following this order would mean a costly and complex change in its operations to ensure that European users’ data is silent from the United States. However, whatever the outcome – if any – will be for Facebook users.

While this case specifically targets Facebook, it may have extensive aggregation for trans-Atlantic data transfers. This is because the Irish Monitoring Group is the lead regulator for the implementation of strict EU privacy policies for many Silicon Valley technology companies headquartered in Ireland, including Google and Twitter.

Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former Apple Inc. engineer, was fired because of opposition to previous comments about women by employees, stating that the company was previously aware of the writing that led to his dismissal.

Garcia Martinez wrote on Twitter on Friday, “Apple knew my writing well before I took over, making the first public comment this week after leaving the iPhone maker.” My notes are my best-selling book and my True professional personalities (rather than literature) were asked in detail. “The former Apple engineer said that he was” fired to a quick end by Apple “and took his life to join California-based Cupertino.” Changed.

Garcia Martinez was hired in April as an engineer for Apple’s Advertising Sites team, which operates advertising sites on the App Store, Apple News and the Stokes App. “Apple actively recruited me for my role in the advertising team and contacted a former colleague to convince me to join,” he tweeted. “Apple found my experience in the advertising field, particularly around data and privacy, very relevant to their efforts and then prompted me to step down from my role.”

Apple was not surprised at the company’s rigorous recruitment process prior to its hiring for its writing awareness, but asked questions about how acceptance of that process hired him. The company did not immediately respond to Garcia Martinez’s request for comment on the tweet.

Earlier this week, several Apple employees complained that they had hired Garcia Martinez on local and social media, citing his comments and parts of his 2016 memoir, “Chaos Monkeys”. In the book, Garcia Martinez called the women of Silicon Valley “weak and vulnerable” and published a series of statements that were misrepresented and racist by Apple employees.

In an internal note to Eddie Q, Apple’s senior vice president oversees services such as advertising, and executives in the field of integration and diversity asked how Apple employees could hire a company that would pride itself on diversity is.

Activists wrote, “We demand an inquiry into how their published comments about women and people of color were missed or ignored, with a clear action plan to prevent this from happening again . “. Internal storms at Apple are rare for a company that has Google and other Alphabet Inc. Related disputes that plague technology companies have almost been set aside.

“At Apple, we always strive to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace that respects and welcomes everyone,” Apple announced on Wednesday that it was not with Garcia Martinez. “There is no place here for embarrassing or discriminatory behavior about who people are.”The updated privacy policy of WhatsApp has now been launched. The Facebook-owned company has stepped back from the deadline for users to accept the new terms of service, but it will be operational soon. To reconsider, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was originally scheduled to go into effect on February 8, but it was delayed until May 15 due to unemployment by key users. This means that WhatsApp users will have to accept the new terms of service or lose access to their account. But I will not delete any account, but WhatsApp has relaxed again in this time frame as it will soon start controlling the features.

WhatsApp tweeted the previous day, assuring users that “it will not see your personal messages”, “your account will not be deleted”. He said that users can accept the new privacy policy at any time. This means that you can continue using WhatsApp, even if you have not yet received the new Terms of Service. If you want to continue using WhatsApp services, you should do so in the end.

If WhatsApp users do not accept the new terms then there will be “limited account work”. WhatsApp users will not be able to access their chat list, but they will be able to answer voice and video calls. WhatsApp will allow users to recall missed voice or video calls. Announcements occur and users can read and respond to messages.

But this will only continue for a few weeks as it will prevent users from receiving incoming calls or notifications. This means that users will either accept the new policy or lose their WhatsApp account.

Goo, a Twitter competitor, is talking to investors for fundraising and hopes to conclude a deal in the next 3-4 months, said Gora co-founder Abramay Radhakrishna.

Goo, which has seen a huge increase in the number of users in the country over the past few months, expects an increase “compared to the previous round”.

In February, Goo said it raised $ 4.1 million from Series A funds from Acele, Calorie Capital, Bloom Ventures and Dream Incubator and 3one4 Capital. In total, it raised approximately $ 10 million in total funds through several banks.

Radhakrishna told PTI, “We have raised some money in January and are talking to people who are interested in putting money in. We will watch the conversation and see what works.”

He said that the company hopes to close the transaction in the next 3-4 months.

Although Radhakrishna was strict about how much money Goo wants to raise, he said that he wants to raise more than the amount raised in the previous round.

“Social media hunger is found among patriarchs,” he said. With around 60 million users on its platform, Goo finds ample room for growth and is investing in expanding its infrastructure and strengthening its leadership.

“Goo is a social media platform that needs to be built over the next decade. We will be at different levels of fundraising and at different levels depending on our performance.” Radhakrishna.

Goo released its new logo on Thursday. The new logo is a continuation of the yellow bird, but with a new look.

The social media platform – which seeks to significantly elevate its user base on the platform, specifically run by Northerner customers – aims to reach 100 million downloads.

India is an important market for Internet companies like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. The country is the world’s second largest telecommunications market and the largest consumer of data.

For the past several months, calls have been coming to expand the domestic digital platform ecosystem.

Notably, domestic social media platform Shercott raised $ 502 million (about $ 7,725 million) in funding over $ 2.1 billion, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Tiger Global, last month. The Twitter-existing Shercoat investor has partnered with Snap Inc. (which owns photo-messaging app Snapshot) and India Quotient.

Fidelity Funds – China Innovation Fund A-USD


Total Revenue (30/04/2021)
1 month 3 month 6 month YTD 1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years since launch
A-USD Stock Class 2.12% -0.98% 19.13% 6.75% 43.39% 31.05% 106.95% 85.76% 111.21%
5.00% Sales Fee -2.99% -5.93% 13.17% 1.41% 36.22% 24.50% 96.60% 76.47% 100.65%
Index (A-USD) 2.31% -3.75% 12.78% 2.22% 37.38% 28.42% 104.52% 107.43% 131.93%
Year Retrieved (30/04/2021)
1 year 3 years 5 years since establishment
A-USD Stock Class 43.39% 9.43% 15.66% 6.75%
5.00% Sales Fee 36.22% 7.58% 14.48% 6.28%
Index (A-USD) 37.38% 8.70% 15.38% 7.63%
Investment objective

These funds seek to achieve long-term capital growth in the Greater China region, or in a registered office, or by investing in shares of companies currently exercising or hoping to exercise. This includes Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau. There are many countries in the region that are considered to be emerging markets. Investment is linked to the topic of change such as technological changes, lifestyle changes and environmental changes.
The focus of investment under the theme of technological innovation is artificial intelligence and digitization (eg technology that converts information into digital form to improve business processes, create new revenue streams, expand market opportunities and increase productivity ); Automation and robotics and the pace of the future (eg driving, technology and business models in transportation and travel). Lifestyle change is based on changing and improving lives through innovative solutions through health, money and education.
Under the environmental change, the focus will be on the development and use of products and processes that contribute to sustainable environmental protection and environmental development. These topics include investments with the adoption of any or all companies that are benefiting from but are not limited to. The top ten assets/securities in the fund’s portfolio may account for 50% or more of the fund’s net asset value, resulting in a reasonably accumulated portfolio.
At least 50% of the fund’s net assets will be invested in securities considered to be maintaining immovable assets. These funds will consider environmental and social characteristics on an ongoing basis. Environmental characteristics include, but are not regulated by, climate change, mitigation and adaptation, water and waste management and biodiversity, while social characteristics include product safety, supply chain, health and safety, and human rights.
Environmental and social characteristics were evaluated by leading reliability analysts and assessed through the use of research and sustainability assessments. The funds are actively managed. When selecting an investment for investment manager, finance and risk monitoring purposes, the MSCI refers to China All Stock Index (“Index”) as the representative of the index is the representative of the invested companies. Of finance.
Financial performance can be evaluated on the basis of its index. The investment manager has a wide range of decisions related to the index. While these funds hold assets that are part of the index, they can also invest in companies, countries, or regions that are not included, and may have different weightings from the index to maximize investment opportunities.
In the long run, the fund’s performance with the index is expected to vary. However, in the short term, depending on market conditions, the fund’s performance may be close to that of the index. The index attracted the attention of stakeholders to the fact that it is not a code that includes environmental and social considerations. Instead, these funds promote environmental and social characteristics by following a reliable sustainable investment structure as described above.
Financial facts
Equity fund type fund
Market Index MSCI China All Share Index (NET)
Portfolio Manager Tian Tina
McLean Casey
Fund release date 23/11/2009
Partition class release date 23/11/2009
Grant amount US $ 107.95m
Bloomberg Ticker FIDCAUS LX
Active Cash 69.37%
Sharing is a distribution class
Annual Management Fee 1.50%
Max. Sales Fee 5.25%

Source: Credibility

On July 1, 2011, the MSCI Zhang Hua cap was changed from 10% to the MSCI Zhang Hua cap of 10% (net). The reason for the change is the net index, which calculates the net performance of the suspension lines. Performance (and mesh of suspension lines).

Performance data is calculated on the basis of NAV-NAV with reinvested dividends and is specified in terms of the respective currency. Past performance does not indicate future earnings.

All financial prices quoted are calculated as of the latest valuation date. They do not indicate the likely trend or price of the fund (s) in the future. Investors investing in specified funds in local non-currency should be aware of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause principal losses when the foreign currency is converted. Return on investors’ money. Occasional exchange restrictions may apply to some foreign currencies.

See the brochure for details of investment objectives and risks associated with specified funds. This document is for general circulation only and does not take into account specific investment objectives, financial condition,s and the specific needs of a particular person who has achieved it. You should consult a financial advisor before investing in funds. If you choose not to consult a financial advisor, then you should consider whether the funds under consideration are suitable for you. This document should not be considered as a suggestion or recommendation

European markets pull off their lows as tech stabilises, Alphawave slumps


European markets declined sharply at a time today, reaching a five-week low of the FDSE 100 and DAX, as inflationary concerns again affected the sentiment. However, this short period of time has proved to be short-lived, with the remaining days spent entirely on the nail, or all losses reversed, with the FTSE performing poorly overweight on resources, with most of the losses being concentrated today.

In the most turbulent environment, the market continues to be mired in confusion as to whether the war on the current rising inflation prints is temporary in nature. The US BPI for April not only helped strengthen this inflation forecast, but it is still difficult to determine how significant the impact will be on the total numbers.

Energy and primary resources are behind the worst-performing energy prices in the UK market and falling base metal prices. The biggest decline was in Anglo-American, Rio Tinto, and Fresnelo with PP and Royal Dutch Shell as oil prices weakened in the wake of the colonial system.

Following today’s update of the major engine flight times for the first four months of this year, Rolls-Royce’s share price is trading between negative and positive zones today, on suspicion that they will be up 55% by 2019 (EFH) Engines will reach flight time. 40% of the 2019 level is supported by cargo demand and maintenance of major routes. This leaves plenty of ground to reach later in the year.

The fall in the BT Group’s share price after full-year results was somewhat embarrassing to expectations. As stocks rise more than 30% from their February lows, the bar for good numbers is high, so stocks are always ripe to pull. Today’s annoying Q4, which saw a drop in EBITDA. Revenue for the full year stood at Rs.8 1.8 billion, 23% lower than the previous year, down 7%. 21.33 billion. BT also said that it has increased the target of introducing 5 meters of high-speed fiber broadband to 25 meters of homes by 2026. She said that it was open to a joint effort to achieve this goal in order to do so.

After a few mixed results throughout the year, Burberry shares are also falling. Revenue for the full year stood at $ 342.34 billion as adjusted pre-tax revenue reached $ 365.7 million, which was above expectations, while China’s sales improved. There have been failures in its guidance on margins for the coming year, with management citing headaches as a generalization of increased investment and spending.

Cash manager Hargreaves Lansdowne is also under pressure, despite revealing a strong year for customer growth and assets under management. After a strong year for customer growth and assets under management, there may be concerns that handling volumes will begin to slow as soon as the economy reopens. M&G was high on reports of Schroeder’s auction being subject to interest earlier this year. The Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust is also getting some buyers after a three-day decline in Nasdaq.

At a time that can only be described as bad, Canadian chip and semiconductor maker Albave today saw its shares harden at the London launch due to recent weakness in tech stocks. As part of another expansion to open a new headquarters and R&D center in Cambridge, the company has grown to $ 856 million after a 410p per share price, selling 360m new listing shares for 28% of the business. country. This is a disgusting effect that gives high expectations and accolades, which again raises questions about pricing. Given the drop in delivery and the deep traces emerging ahead of their pricing, it seems that coming to an optimal estimate is not as easy. In this uncertain and busy time, there may be an opportunity for some luck rather than a decision.

Eventually, there was a dispute about something. It is important that someone is willing to pay for it. In terms of its numbers, bookings for this year will be over 2020, with over 40 million meters, and the company will earn royalties each time the product is sold. Uses its technology or IP. The company expects the business to reach more than $ 240 million by the end of 2023, after recently signing deals with companies such as Samsung and DSMC.

Despite recent US PPI figures in April, despite recent US PPI figures rising to 6.2%, US markets are trying to build some kind of platform after the last few days of declines. On a positive note, the demand for weekly unemployment decreased from 507,000 last week to 473,000.

Tesla shares have moved within touch of the 200-day moving average, although CEO Elon Musk’s handbrake has so far held bitcoin above last night. As his concerns about bitcoin’s energy track have been widely discussed for months, he may have identified a contradiction in Tesla’s claims of being environmentally friendly, as opposed to supporting crypto energy intensity.

Online car retailer Voom reported higher-than-expected earnings in the first quarter after its shares reached $ 591.1 million, while a loss of $ 0.57 per share is expected. E-commerce sales grew by 96%, increasing revenue by 123%. Total costs increased 87% year-on-year to $ 9,109 million, up from $ 58.4 million, with outgoing logistics up 165%.

Later today we will get the Q1 number from Coinbase and Airbnb and the Q2 number from Disney. There has certainly been no shortage of interest around cryptocurrency over the years and the decision to sell shares in one of the largest cryptocurrencies has generated a lot of interest with bitcoin and Ethereum trading options at record levels. In days. In its latest update, Coinbase announced that it expects to earn between 30 730m and 800m this quarter, so let’s see how close we can get. The company said it has 56 million verified users and the latest results show that the company reached $ 1.8 billion in the first three months of its fiscal year.

For Disney, their theme parks are re-opening last month, Is Mouse House Bad? see you tonight.


After opening the day on the front foot, the US dollar retreated to its recent gains. Not surprisingly, the US BPI is heating up more than expected, with weekly unemployment demand falling below 500,000 for the first time since the lockout.


Commodity prices are now under control following actions by the State Council of China to deal with the rapid rise in commodity prices. It seems that there has been a sharp fall in the prices of iron ore and steel recycling, resulting in a fall in copper prices.

Crude oil prices have increased demand concerns in Asia and the US, with pressure exacerbated by the announcement that the colonial pipeline had reopened and resumed supply, which raised concerns about supply shortages Had given it away.

Bitcoin quickly hit a two-month low of more than k46 before Tesla CEO Elon Musk recovered more than 50k on receiving crypto tokens as a charge for electric cars, making cryptos cool today.

Disclaimer: CMC Markets is a service provider only. The content (whether it expresses an idea or not) is for general information purposes only and does not take into account your personal circumstances or goals. None of this material includes (or should be considered) financial, investment or other advice to be reliable. CMC Markets has no opinion, including the author’s recommendation, that a particular investment strategy, security, transaction or investment be appropriate for a particular individual. The content was not designed according to legal requirements designed to promote freedom of investment research. Although we are not specifically restricted to deal with this content prior to delivery, we have not attempted to use the material prior to its delivery.

Ethan Duncan Joins Texas Tech Basketball Program


Texas Tech head coach Mark Adams has officially announced the inclusion of Ethan Duncan in the show. Duncan was a senior at Trinity Christian School in Langbok, where he scored 2,900 points and 600 assists.

“I had the opportunity to play on deck,” Duncan said. “I look forward to growing as a player and as a person and building relationships with my teammates. I felt like I have a high level of shooting, handling the ball and making decisions. I am very hardworking. And there was a rat. Jim. ”

With an average of 27 points, 4.0 assists and 2.5 steals per game in his senior season, Duncan has established himself as a four-time TAPPS all-state pick. He also won the TAPPS District 1-4A Most Valuable Player Award for capturing his product career, leading Trinity Christian to the state title game. Duncan is a three-time DAPBS District 1-4A MVP, receiving the award after being a freshman from all state and county newcomers, second year, juniors and seniors.

“My strength as a player is my speed and agility,” Duncan said. “I can find my seat on the court and find ways to inspire my teammates for success. I play selflessly and love the best for my people.”

Duncan, a 6-foot shooting guard, was the son of Todd Duncan, who played for the Red Raiders from 1987–89. Todd Duncan has been the head coach at Lubbock Christian University for a decade, and has been a key figure in Lupac basketball since playing as a player at L’Oreal Coronado High School. He leads Texas Tech all-time with 46.0 percent of 3-point shooting percentage after going 132 to 287 in his two seasons.

Texas signatories
Kylen “KJ” Allen (6-6, 255, onwards)
Sophomore | Los Angeles, California | East Los Angeles College | Westchester HS

Chandler Jacobs (6-3, 185, guard)
Graduate Exchange | Missouri City, Texas | Dallas Baptist University | Elkins H.S.

Adonis Weapons (6-6, 205, guard)
Graduate Exchange | Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Winthrop University | Desert Vista H.S.

Davian Warren (6-6, 210, guard)
Graduate Exchange | Buffalo, New York | Hampton University | Bishop Timon St. Jude

Miley Wilson (6-3, 175, guard)
Junior | Ravelly, Louisiana | Louisiana-Lafayette | Rail hs

Ethan Duncan (6-0, 160, guard)
New | Lubbock, Texas | Trinity Christian School

Texas Tech head coach Mark Adams has announced the appointment of Rick Cooper as head of the Red Rider basketball program.

Cooper came on deck after serving as athletic director at Valiant Baptist University since 2014, following a successful coaching career with 546 successes as head coach at WBU and West Texas A&M. Cooper is the all-time winningest coach in the history of the same program, setting a record of 152–47 at WBU before going 394–195 at WTU. As an executive at WBU, Cooper was soon elected director of athletics at the 2017–18 Athletics Conference.

Cooper, who is in the WBU and WT Hall of Fame, said, “I’m delighted that Coach Adams is a special feature to come here.” I have known Coach Adams for a long time and I know that he is going to take a lot of leadership in this project. I am here to help him in this process. I am almost a basketball fan, who has taught college basketball. My life. This is a great opportunity for me, and the project is one of the best in the country. As we continue to build, I cannot wait to help the entire staff. ”

Adams added: “We have developed a lot of trust in each other over the years, we have worked in the past and made very good friendships. He is someone who understands how to make a great project and work with people Is. Rick is one of them because of his experience with us and his ability to handle everything that comes his way. It’s a good thing, and it should end right there. ”

A Bridgeport, West Virginia native and Valentine Baptist graduate, he began his career as an assistant at Cooper Idol High School. As Adams led the show and staff, the pioneers came to the NAIA National Finals. He took over the project in 1987 before moving to Canyon to acquire the WT project in 1993.

The coach has coached Puffs for 20 seasons, where he has earned a .693 hit percentage. Under his leadership, WT will win four Lone Star Conference Championships, advance to 10 NCAA Nationals and receive an Elite Eight appearance. He was selected six times as LSC Coach of the Year, twice as South Central Regional Coach of the Year, and as Clarence Keynes National Division II Coach of 2011.

Before beginning his coaching career, Cooper played for Valentin Baptist, where he averaged 13.4 points and 5.3 rebounds per game. He finished his playing career with 1,209 points, finishing 14th in program history at the time. Cooper received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from WBU.

Co-op head coach Barrett joins Pierre Cooper Adams’ staff as assistant directors for player development, along with assistants Corey Williams and Dolvin Hester, strength and conditioning coaches Darby Rich and Darryl Dora. Counsel Sean Sutton has been retained and has continued in the role he has served in the last four seasons. For the first time in the history of the program, the Red Raiders advanced to the NCAA Championships three times, including the 2018 Elite Eight and the 2019 NCAA National Championship finals.

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track and Field
Vs Big 12 Outdoor Championships

Live Video for Track & Field vs. Big 12 Outdoor Championships on May 16, 2021

Dell XPS 13 review Excellent laptop but not for everyone


Dell XPS13 Review: The Best Laptop But Not For Everyone
The Dell XPS 13 (9310) laptop is a premium offer starting at Rs 149,990 and is Intel Evo certified, which ensures uncompromising performance. Is it worth the price? India Today Tech is trying to answer this.

In India, the Dell XPS 13 starts at Rs 149,990.
The best model in the XPS 13 range is priced at 209,990.
This is a great laptop for those looking for a combination of performance and enjoyment.

The Dell XPS 13 is one of the smallest laptops topped the list in several categories, including performance and attractive design. Although the hood specification is undoubtedly the largest USB on a laptop, the compact form factor is another important feature that attracts many users. I have been using the Dell XPS 13 (9310) as my primary laptop for a few weeks, and in this review I take a deeper look at the points that I think make it among the most consistent offerings available on the market today Is one of . .

The Dell XPS 13 (9310) is one of Dell’s premium laptop offerings that helped make HP the leading PC company in Q4 2020. ITC’s data shows that Dell topped the game in terms of Q4 and registered development. In the business and consumer sectors. However, now things have changed as new ITC data this month shows that HP is crawling back to the top of the table, while Dell has slipped into second place.

When it comes to Dell XPS 13, it is no different from other XPS range laptops offered by Dell. The company makes its debut in late 2020. Although the Dell XPS 13 makes one of Intel’s best chipsets and includes Evo operating system certification, I felt it was a good combination for users looking for a workable laptop for both worlds. Play. The Dell XPS 13 includes a brand new 11th Gen Intel Core processor, and prices range from Rs 149,990 to Rs 2,09,990, which is definitely not made for the public. I spent a lot of time telling you if the laptop is worth the premium price.
Dell XPS13 Review: Great Look and Lightweight

If there is one port that the XPS 13 can beat any laptop at its cost, then this design should be. In my opinion, it is better than the MacBook range or any other premium ultrabook available on the market today. The aluminum chassis provides the stability you would expect on a magnesium or plastic body powered laptop. Stable construction gives you confidence as you use it on a daily basis. However, I felt that Dell might introduce the new XPS 13 with some more design updates so that it would look slightly different from its predecessors.
See them

How does one manage the ‘world’s largest vaccine aircraft’ compared to the United States?

How does one manage the ‘world’s largest vaccine aircraft’ compared to the United States?
Airtel vs Jio vs Vi prepaid offer Rs. Recharge with 599, 3GB daily data and comprehensive streaming benefits.

Airtel vs Jio vs Vi prepaid offer Rs. Recharge with 599, 3GB daily data and comprehensive streaming benefits.
Airtel is offering 49 packages to 5.5 crore users for free, here are all the major details

Airtel is offering free pack of Rs 49 to 5.5 crore users, here are all the major details

For those who have followed the journey so far in the XPS range, there are not many changes to talk about in the new XPS 13 9310, as it retains many of the design features that I saw in previous generation laptops Huh.

But those who want to buy it should know that everything about the aesthetic design of the Dell XPS 13 has already been done and it can be modified neatly, given the utility. The Corning Gorilla Class 6 helps prevent accidental scratches with the Dell logo on the cover of the touch screen, which are laser cut from steel sheets. The thin bezel around the display clearly indicates that it is a premium laptop and enhances the look of the laptop.

Then, the XPS hinges on the 13, which is a treat to use and is easy to open and close with one hand in daily use. Dell used a dual-coil pressure-matching key that remains stable even when using the touchscreen.

The rest of the XPS 13’s palm reinforces the shape inspired by carbon fiber, which is great for the long haul. Since the keys and touchpad are large in size, the attention to detail is amazing, which helps improve the overall user experience. The best experience I’ve seen on a laptop in this price range is the tactile feel of the keyboard. The backlink keyboard is a nice touch. Dell added a UV and stain-resistant coating to the top of the remaining palm to prevent discoloration, which is a deliberate addition.

The keyboard’s power key in the upper right corner seems to be the best place, given the size factor and aesthetics. However, I felt that Dell might give slightly different color accents to look different from other keys on the laptop. However, the good thing is that the power button attaches to the fingerprint scanner, and it flashes quickly.

At 1.27 kg, the Dell XPS 13 is one of the lightest premium ultrabooks you can find in the market today. The 14.8 mm slim side profile helps with its slim look and adds premium appeal to the device. The top spec model came with single frost exteriors and Arctic White interior color, which is amazing. However, the company will have to offer Platinum Silver Exterior and Black interior for the Core i7, 1TB storage and 16GB RAM models. At the moment, there is only one color model for the most premium price.

The Dell XPS 13 ships have a limited number of ports, meaning you can’t do much at once. Each side has 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports (left and right panels), as well as a 3.5mm audio jack and microSD card slot. One of the two Thunderbolts is used for charging, except for one that can be used to connect a Bluetooth mouse connector or external display. The laptop ships with a Type-C to Type-A connector, which is easy to use, but during the review, Dell thought it could fit in with another Thunderbolt port, and manage things. Little. Additionally, the laptop supports WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.

Dell XPS 13 has a 13.4-inch Ultra HD + Infinity Edge display with a resolution of 3840×2400 pixels. The panel can deliver the best brightness of 500-nits, which is impressive, and the screen-to-body ratio of 91.5 percent provides an amazing experience. The 4K panel provides a percentage of the color of the DCI B3, and a nice addition is the anti-reflective coating that destroys the light from the screen.

Around this price, the XPS 13 offers an excellent panel that offers bright, color accuracy, and meets all your needs – whether for your important office presentation or for watching movies. . Ultrabooks certainly send one of the best screens from Dell.

Under the hood, the Dell XPS 13 11th Gen “Tiger Lake” is packed with an Intel Core i7 1185 G7 processor (up to 4.8 GHz) and 16 GB of internal LPDTR4 memory. The XPS 13 comes in two storage versions – 512GB SST and 1TB SST, which I reviewed. There is also an Intel Iris X graphics board to handle the graphics.

The laptop runs Windows 10 Home. It comes with a 30-day trial offer with the default Microsoft Office, which users can do while setting up the machine, as well as a 12-month subscription to the McAfee LiveSafe security software. Dell claims that the laptop packs stereo speakers with 4W peak sound, which is compatible with Waves Max Audio Pro.

In everyday use, the Dell XPS 13 is a powerhouse and multitasking is easy to handle. At 13.4 inches, the Dell XPS looks like the perfect machine to work with, as the laptop handles resource-heavy applications such as Photoshop, video editing tools, and some lightweight gaming titles. It is light and not heavy or soft.

However, during the review, I realized that the XPS 13 was more than one suitable laptop that would allow any AAA header to run. Even while editing the video, I felt that the laptop had some problems. There is no doubt that Dell produced one of the best thermal designs on the XPS13, and I didn’t even hear fan noise during the entire period of the review. Dell uses a wide area inside the panel for dual fans and a single heat pipe designed with a single evaporator and dual condenser. The system was able to hide low ventilation in the hinge area and turn it into a completely quiet operator.

Cisco says computer chip shortage to last six months


The boss of networking company Cisco said that the shortage of computer chips would persist for most of this year.

Many companies saw production delays due to a shortage of semiconductors, which began with the government’s transition and was aggravated by other factors.

Cisco president Chuck Robbins told the BBC: “We think it is six months more than the short term.

“Providers are promoting more capacity, and it will get better and better over the next 12 to 18 months.”

Advances in technology, including 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, will be important to expand that capability.

Now, this is a big problem as they say, “because semiconductors go for almost everything.”

Intel, a major U.S. The manufacturer, has announced a $ 20 billion (.514.5 billion) plan to significantly expand production, including two new plants in Arizona.

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According to Dan Eves, a technical analyst at investment firm Wetbush Securities, the current “demand may be 25% higher than anyone expected”.

Although losses “will be an issue for the next three to six months”, technology stock prices are set by investors with a focus on increasing the long-term demand for their products.

US President Joe Biden also saw it as a long-standing issue, and the month called for a world leader in computer chips using a White House summit with business leaders. Amid the trade and technology war in China, the White House said it was “the first and immediate priority”.

The United States-based semiconductor industry states that 75% of global production capacity is in East Asia. Taiwan’s DSMC and South Korea’s Samsung are the key players.

Politicians in Europe also want additional chips made locally, partly driven by concerns about China’s desire to reunite with Taiwan. Meanwhile, China has seen a tremendous increase in domestic demand for chips to promote new technology, but only a small fraction of global production capacity.

Mr Robbins said: “As long as you have a lot of resources, I don’t think it matters where they were built.”

However, Intel CEO Pat Kelsinger told the BBC that it was not satisfactory that so many chips were being made in Asia.

DSMC is set to become the world’s largest contract manufacturer and will spend $ 100 billion to expand its capacity over the next three years.

This week its founder, Morris Chang, called on Taiwan’s government to “hold on tight” and argue that it is better to make chips than the US or China, despite their large government support. .

Chip malfunction is further aggravated by corona virus infection. Initially, many companies have reduced orders for chips, thinking that demand will decrease, reducing suppliers’ capacity. However, demand for consumer electronics increased during the epidemic.

The problems were exacerbated by several factors, including fire and weather problems at the semiconductor factory.

“It has created an unprecedented environment for the industry with technological developments,” says Paul Triolo, head of geotechnical consulting at the Eurasia Group.

Factory ignition aggravates computer chip distribution crisis
Texas closed closed chip factories amid shortages
The drought has affected Taiwan’s chip supply as the US wanted

He thinks that it does not matter where the chips are made as long as the distribution varies. However, the shortage is “short-term” and requires a long-term solution to meet the production concentration of semiconductors, which is a “pre-deficit problem”.

This is why Mr. Robbins said: “What we don’t like is that any risk we may face, and obviously, the situation we see today, will result. I think that the choices Needed.”

Cisco recently completed a $ 4.5 billion acquisition of Acacia Communications, which designs computer chips, among other things. Mr. Robbins banned the use of Cisco here as an opportunity to make his own chips.

“We are not a fab semiconductor company, so we will not have the core competence to do this. So we feel that the companies that play in this space are better equipped, and we work with them.”

The huge cost of chip manufacturing equipment means they take longer to meet the increased demand as they run closer to full capacity.

According to Mr. Triolo, the scale of demand is “unclear”. “Like other major technology vendors, Cisco Instruments relies too much on reliable supply chains for various semiconductors,” he said.

The shortcomings, he said, “increased as companies ordered areas to produce cargo, fearing they would be caught again.”

NASA Invests $105 Million in US Small Business Innovative Technology Development


NASA has a long history of supporting American entrepreneurs in developing technologies ranging from ideas to business readiness. The agency’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project is a U.S. Is the initiative. The second phase continued the tradition of 127 small businesses with 140 new awards to help bring their innovations to market.

A total of 105 million awards for these small businesses located in 34 states and Washington DC. NASA’s Small Business Plan focuses on finding the most effective technologies for the company and business markets and deriving innovation from diverse entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The companies selected for the second installment include 33 women-owned, minority-owned and small businesses.

Award recipients received all SBIR Phase I preliminary contracts in 2020 to demonstrate the nature of their discoveries and how they can contribute to NASA’s efforts in human exploration, space technology, science, and aeronautics. Secondary awards will be given up to 50,000 750, 000 each, followed by technologies for vocational skills. It can take up to two years for companies to develop, demonstrate and deliver their proposed projects.

Jim Reuter, co-executive director of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), said, “These small businesses have won awards for launching a global pandemic in the first phase and have become passionate about innovative creative technological solutions.” “We appreciate their commitment and commitment to supporting NASA’s missions and goals as they help the government recover small businesses.”

Inosys Inc., a small, well-known businessman in Salt Lake City, Utah, came up with the idea for a camera that can operate at very high temperatures – perhaps even on Venus, where surface temperatures can reach 900 degrees Fahrenheit. . Its modification replaces glass covers in traditional imaging tubes with other materials such as quartz or sapphire, which can withstand harsh environments. Beyond space mission applications, the company wants to develop cameras for imaging fire or high-temperature reactors, as well as for locating centers of nuclear reactors.

NASA aims to focus on the commercialization of small businesses such as Inosys. If the second phase of work proves successful, the project will provide additional financial opportunities for small businesses, enabling them to find customers outside the company.

“The second phase of the contract phase is an exciting time as the short stages implement their ideas and create compelling examples for NASA and private investors,” said NASA executive SBIR. SBIR Director Jason L. Kessler. “Selective technologies have made a huge impact in their respective fields, and we are proud to continue investing in today’s growing economy through these small businesses.”

California-based Micro Cool Concepts has partnered with NASA’s SBIR and Small Business Technology Transfer (STDR) programs in various heat management innovations since 2004. This year, NASA has chosen the second phase of the contract to develop a lightweight, compact heat exchanger with electrified. Aerodynamic applications. Using the developments and lessons learned during Phase I, NASA’s Micro Cooling Concept will develop clean energy technology to support new aircraft configurations for the military and commercial sectors.

Titronics Software Inc. is a minority-owned small business in Houston. Has chosen to mature as a virtual “expert” with medical intelligence and evolving reality. In the first phase, the Titanron software recognizes the need for seamless integration of medical resources, knowledge, training, practical guidance and medical support in implementing its concept. The system can provide medical autonomy for astronauts during extended missions and benefit the military or other organizations in areas where medical professionals are rare.

NASA had earlier announced a $ 45 million first prize in March 2021 for another small business group.

NASA’s SBIR / STTR program is part of STMD, which is managed by NASA’s AIIMS Research Center in Silicon Valley, California.

Minister Champagne highlights clean technology investments in Budget 2021


The collapse of the COVID-19 inflation is the fastest and fastest-growing economic situation since the Great Depression. It has unequally affected low-paid workers, young people, women and Canadians who were racist. Budget 2021 is a landmark investment to address the specific economic outcomes of COVID-19, to put people first, create jobs, grow middle class, put businesses on the path to long-term growth and ensure Canada’s future is healthier, equitable, greener and more prosperous. .

Budget 2021 reflects the Canadian Government’s commitment to invest in clean technology that lays the foundation for a strong, green economy and stability that creates opportunities for all Canadians. Clean technology continues to benefit Canadians – from reduced electricity costs to clean air to more than 211,000 well-paid jobs – and helps reduce our environmental impacts and help us meet our climate change goals. Building on the latest investment in climate change and clean technology, budget 2021 proposes to provide $ 17.6 billion in green alternatives that create balanced jobs, create a cleaner economy and protect against climate change.

Canada entered the epidemic with a strong financial situation. This has allowed the government to take immediate action and make decisions, support individuals and businesses, and put it in a position to make a significant investment in purchases.


“In terms of the 2021 budget, we have invested an unprecedented $ 17.6 billion in clean technology to achieve our climate goals and protect our planet for future generations, all while driving economic prosperity and creating decent jobs across Canada. These courageous investments demonstrate our commitment to helping companies. and innovators are succeeding in their efforts to find solutions for clean growth, thereby putting Canada on the map as a global leader in clean technology and climate change. ”

$ 5 billion over seven years to raise money for the Net Zero Accelerator. This support builds up to $ 3 million over the five years announced in the government’s December 2020 strengthening program. The money will allow the government to provide support for projects that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the Canadian economy.
$ 1 billion over five years to help attract private sector funding for clean technology transformation projects. These resources will accelerate the growth of new Canadian companies, create jobs for highly skilled workers, help diversify the Canadian economy, and bring vital environmental and climate solutions to the world.
$ 24 million over three years of renewal
Clean Technology Data Strategy to continue measuring the contribution of clean technology to the Canadian economy; and
Clean up the growth center to continue to help clean up technology companies that roam state resources and funding.

Budget 2021 also proposes to provide Canada’s natural resources with:
$ 319 million over seven years to fund research, development and demonstrations that will improve the commercial performance of carbon capture, consumption and storage technology;
$ 1.5 billion over five years to establish the Clean Fuels Fund to fund the production and distribution of low-carbon and zero-emission oil, including hydrogen and biomass, establishing Canada as a global hydrogen leader and bringing the Hydrogen Program to Canada;
$ 9.6 million over three years to build the Critical Battery Minerals Center of Excellence, in addition to linking policy with critical mineral programs and working with provinces, territories and other partners; and
$ 36.8 million over three years of research with the organization to develop advanced battery mineral analysis and technology refinement

In addition, Budget 2021 proposes to provide $ 56.1 million over five years to Measurement Canada to develop and implement, in partnership with international partners, a set of codes and standards for retail and charging Zero Emission Vehicle. This will include the authorization and testing frameworks required to ensure that standards are met across Canada’s largest network of charging and refueling stations. Budget 2021 also proposes that Budget Canada cost $ 67.4 million to ensure that low carbon footage is accurately measured, as is the case with conventional oil.

This new investment will be the cornerstone of the government’s economic restructuring program, helping more than 200,000 Canadians maintain their homes, and investing in world-class technologies that keep the industry clean and reduce pollution.

To help accelerate investment in clean energy technologies and make Canada one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology and hygiene, the 2021 Budget also proposes new tax tools that can:
a 50% reduction in corporate and business taxes on non-productive technology manufacturers;
expand the list of appropriate resources for tax incentives to encourage businesses to invest in clean electricity and energy efficiency, allowing them to quickly eliminate the full cost of investing in certain clean energy technologies;

MicroStrategy CEO Bitcoin is the most powerful and disruptive technology of our lifetime


A business-to-consumer business established in 1989. Choir & (sold to Origin for $ 110 million in 2013), creator and founder of, one of the first home automation and security companies, and a first cloud-based interactive voice feedback service provider. Cholera is an inventor with more than 40 patents in his name. Proud as an inventor of related analytics, he is a pioneer in micro strategy in the fields of web analytics, distributed analytics, mobile analytics, cloud computing, mobile identity and IoT. Choir is the author of the 2012 book, Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Changes Everything. The book looks at the impact of mobile, cloud and social networks on political and economic development. Worldwide, with the development of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. Choir founded and serves as a trustee of Choiler Academy (, a non-profit organization that provides free education to 800,000+ students.

Michael Choiler is also an advocate for bitcoin standards. His company Micro Strategy owns ~ 91,579 bitcoins. The Micro Strategy Board of Directors is paid in Bitcoin. Choir believes that bitcoin is the most powerful and destructive technology in our lives. To learn more about why companies should invest in bitcoin, Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, a Silicon Valley-based consulting firm, invited Michael Choiler to disrupt our weekly program. Here are prime examples of our conversation with Michael Choir.

Digital transformation of assets is a rapid form of current transformation

We have seen the pace of digital transformation in two areas in the last 12 months. The first areas are decentralized with sales, service and marketing and digital-only in the business line with shareholder engagement. The speed and performance of how quickly companies sell, market and service customers. The second part of digital transformation is the transformation of assets. It is about bitcoin. Choiler noted the digital transformation and rapid movement of photos, music, videos and books. Today we see the transformation of gold, silver, bonds, stocks and money. This is a profound change that will affect every company and every person in the world. The digital transformation of assets is moving faster than any other transformation.

Bitcoin is a strong source of investment for companies

According to Choiler, if you ask any company about their bitcoin strategy in February 2020, ‘What is bitcoin?’ Or ‘Why do I need a bitcoin strategy?’ Choiler believes that all current financial strategies are broken if you buy fewer bond securities. The money supply expands and the purchasing power decreases. The idea behind bitcoin that fits the first principles is that you realize the loss of purchasing power and then use a different financial strategy. Micro strategy has determined that bitcoin is the strongest treasure chest it can find. On February 3-4, 2021, Choiler hosted a “bitcoin for companies” conference. The conference is an attempt to convince other corporate executives of the benefits of bitcoin to their departments. Executives from over 1,400 companies participated. News reports stated that guests included SpaceX executives. On Monday, February 8, 2021, Elon Musk’s electricity company, Telsa, announced a $ 1.5 billion acquisition of bitcoin. Bitcoin has grown by 200% in a decade and by 2020 by 800%. Turning the unwanted value of an asset into a trillion dollar asset gives your partners a positive cycle. His only disagreement with Musk was that he suggested that Tesla should buy $ 10 billion in bitcoin.

2021 is ‘year one’ of bitcoin corporate investments

The first of three is a real benefit for cryptocurrency investors. If you are the first city, first country or first company to invest in bitcoin, then you can benefit greatly from this precious asset. Choiler believes that you can create a dynamic trade in assets, generate investment returns and raise arrears instead of P&L. As Wall Street companies increase their reserves by 25–40% worthless, Choiler explains that recovering the ‘K-form’ means that large companies will have to work 25–40% more hard to get anything, And the owner of your business strategy will be rich and then you travel against the wind. Of the 40,000 companies that have publicly exchanged, 32 have bitcoin on their paper. Choiler states that in February 2020, Bitcoin was a consumer drama, but now Bitcoin is a corporate game. Bitcoin is now digital gold. Micro Strategy was the first public company to invest in bitcoin, followed by Square, Tesla and others. Regarding the acceptance of bitcoin, Sailer stated that ‘year zero’ is from March 2020 to February 8, 2021. When Tesla announced the acquisition of bitcoin, now formal investment for bitcoin has become institutionalized and 36 months ‘one year for next year’.

2021 is ‘year one’ of bitcoin corporate investments

The first of three is a real benefit for cryptocurrency investors. If you are the first city, first country or first company to invest in bitcoin, then you can benefit greatly from this precious asset. Choiler believes that trading assets allows you to create a dynamic, generate investment returns and raise arrears instead of P&L. As Wall Street companies have increased their reserves by only 25–40%, Choyler explains that recovering the ‘K-form’ means that large companies have to work 25–40% more hard to get anything. Will be, and the owner of your business strategy will be rich and then you travel against the wind. Of the 40,000 publicly traded companies, only 32 have bitcoin on their paper.

LA Tech sweeps doubleheader against UTSA


Ruston, LA (Louisiana Technical Athlete) – Rally runs.

Jc As the train hit the far wall of Love Field, senior Parker Bates tied a three-run walking home run to take the No. 1 spot, 2–2. 14 The Bulldogs have their first home double-header sweep of the 2021 season as their seventh homer this year, LA Tech’s second win this season with a walk home run at Love Shack.

Bastin not only won the no. Season 35 for LA Tech, which keeps the Diamond Dogs alive in the C-section titled C-America Western Division. With one game in the conference to make each other, LA Tech can capture the Western Division crown with a win on Sunday and a Miss South defeat at Florida Atlantic. Sunday’s game in Boca Raton, Florida, with a flight to Hattiesburg, will begin on CD at 11 am, two hours before the start of the final against the Bulldog Rotarners.

La Tech (35–14, 21–7 C – USA) returned to the winning column in the backdrop of a game dominated by right-handed player Ryan Jennings. Jennings recorded his fifth win of the season after scoring three wins and allowing more than seven innings.

The Diamond Dogs will be in droves on right-back Jared Worf to watch the series win on Sunday. La Tech has won its last 10 matches over the weekend defeating the Winsborough, Texas, Rubber.

Game 2 Review: Number. 14 LA Tech 10, UTSA 7 (Eight Reviews)

Parker Bates in the eighth helped the Bulldogs record their first run of the game with a sacrifice fly of two before walking home. UDSA (22–23, 14–16 C-USA) scored three runs in the first reply of the deck’s ability to take a 3–1 lead in the second.

After two innings, hitter Steele Netterwill put his best team on the wall on the left field in the ninth house to give the Rotters a 3–3 lead. However, UDSA Three-Hole Thunder Nick Thornkist responded with a sacrifice fly from fourth to fifth in the deck run, making it 4–2 for the UDSA defense.

At the top of the plate crossing line, the Bulldogs converted a 7-4 deficit into a 4-2 deficit with a five-run fifth inning. Back-to-back singles from Taylor Young and Hunter Wells opened the scoring bar before Bates loaded the site in the 42nd HPP of his career. Having previously lost a Grand Slam to his bat, sweeper Manny Garcia doubled the game by seven RBI points on the seventh ground of his ad-bats exhibition, which equalized the game. 4-4 pm

Left fielder Cole McConnell intercepted the Bulldogs with an RBI in the left field and drove in the frame before first registering the Bulldogs outside. Bad catcher George Corona had a fielder’s pick taking a 7-4 lead with a walk deck filled with Netherlands and Reserve Bank bases.

After Dylan Rock reduced the RBI’s single-deck advantage to 7-5, the Roadrunner eventually managed to chase Bulldog starter, Kate Gibson. After loading the walking platform, UDSA cleanup Thunder Griffin doubled the left-hand line of the Paxton field to level the game at 7-7. McConnell and shortstop Alex Ray tied the game with a big relay to mark Thornavist from near the wall on home plate for Corona.

With too much penetration, right-handed defender Greg Martinez entered the final from the eighth, helping the Bulldogs escape from the runners-up position. Martinez killed UDSA’s Chris Scholl, establishing La Tech’s best line. The right hand went 4–0 during the period following Bates’ run-off home run.

Like the fifth, Young and Wales Roadrunner tried to put pressure on Bulbul. Bates scored three runs toward the right field for the 54th run of the deck season and for the first time in this week’s series.

Game 1 Review: No. 14 LA Technology 4, UTSA 1 (Seven Seven)

The offense is the story of both games, but a locking pitch and excellent defense propel the Bulldogs to a bounce-back win in one game.

After allowing a run in the first place, the Bulldogs’ opener Ryan Jennings was locked up, leaving no straight frame score of six to record the entire game of his second seven innings. The United States begins with its last two conferences. Texas’ New Brownfalls face the shortest of their four frames, allowing only one walk for a win centered on a pair of strikeouts. Jennings hit 10 ground-ball outs and eight flyouts in Saturday’s first doubleheader game.

The Bulldogs scored only one inning in a game, but they counted it to four and gave Jennings all the support he needed. Catcher George Corona scored the ball game with an RBI at the discretion of a fielder. Another fielder’s choice, this time in sap from cross-country Alex Rave, helped the Diamond Dogs take a 2–1 lead in the fourth.

LA Tech led by third fast bowler Hunter Wells and centerfielder Parker Bates with a unique RBI offset.

Between matches one and two, Bates and Wales scored nine wins, five RBIs, and four runs. During the six-day season, Wales’ batting average was raised to 366.