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Jo Guzar Gya So Guzar Gya – MusicMastiFm Udas Poetry


Jo Guzar Gya So Guzar Gya

Wo Nahi Mila Tou Malal Kya, Jo Guzar Gya So Guzar Gya

Usay Yad Kar Ky Na Dil Dukha, Jo Guzar Gaya So Guzar Gaya

Na Gila Kiya, Na Khafa Huey, Yunhi Rasty Mein Juda Huey

Na Tuu Bewafa, Na Mein Bewafa, Jo Guzr Gaya So Guzr Gaya

Tujey Aitbar o Yaqeen Nahi, Nahi Duniya Itni Buri Nahi

Na Malal Kar , Mery Sath Aa, Jo Guzr Gaya So Guzr Gaya

Wo Wafayain Thi Ky Jafayain Thi, Yeh Na Soch Kis Ki Khatayain Thi

Woh Tera Hai Usey Galy Laga, Jo Guzar Gaya So Guzar Gaya

وہ نہیں ملا تو ملال کیا،جو گزر گیا سو گزر گیا

اسے یاد کر کے نہ دل دکھا، جو گزر گیا سو گزر گیا

نہ گلہ گیا، نہ خفا ہوئے، یونہی راستے میں جدا ہوئے

نہ تو بے وفا، نہ میں بے وفا، جو گزر گیا سو گزر گیا

تجھے اعتبار و یقین نہیں، نہیں دنیا اتنی بری نہیں

نہ ملال کر، میرے ساتھ آ، جو گزر گیا سوگزر گیا

وہ وفائیں تھیں کہ جفائیں تھیں ،یہ نہ سوچ کس کی خطائیں تھیں

وہ تیرا ہے اسے گلے لگا، جو گزر گیا سو گزر گیا

Top 5 Cricket Games For Android


Cricket fever is in the air. with T20 taking magnificent turns it has developed the interests of many who had stopped thinking about cricket. Similarly, when something trends, especially in sports then people explore more. Like video games. With cricket lingering in their minds, some people tend to start playing virtually as well.

USA Chat Rooms


USA Chat Rooms for meeting foreigners that are just like you. No matter which part of the world you are chat rooms bring everyone together. You can be sitting in one part of the world and end up chatting with someone miles away. That is the quality of chat rooms, it creates new relationships and makes new friends.

USA Chat Rooms – Interests, Education And More

One most exciting thing to do is that if you meet a foreigner online you can easily discuss the education provided there. Usually, people from Asian countries want to study abroad. So if you meet someone from a place where there is good education you can always clear doubts. Students that join can easily guide you or let you know whatever you want to. Whether it’s High school or college or university, there is no doubt that you will find someone or the other.

Moreover, people from different parts of the world can easily communicate regarding their interests. If you know what you are looking forward to then it’s easy to discuss and understand. You might get some vital information which will help you choose better. Some might even be able to decide their careers or know the pros and cons of many professions.

It is really vast as to what you can expect from chat rooms. The only limitation is your imagination.

International Chat Rooms


International Chat Room is buzzing with users from all over the world. Many are joining day and night to chat about what they love. There are sports fans, book lovers, fashion divas, and many more. You can join any forum that you like from any part of the world. There will always be something for you.

International Chat Room For Everyone

The charm of these chat rooms is that when you join you never know where time flies. you can go from one forum to another and enjoy hours and hours of good chatting. The more you meet people online the more you get involved. There is never something boring. even if you find yourself not interested in something you can jump off to another forum and start chatting there. Make new friends as well. People who speak your language or are from your own country you meet so many online. Even if they don’t live around you can make friends with people who just share the same interest as you.

If in a group chat you find someone you like you can carry on your chat to a private chat room. Play around with emojis and gifs to make the conversation more interesting. Just log on and spend a great time in this chatroom or any other.

Gujranwala Chat Room – Funny Emojis and Like Ledger board Chats

Gujranwala Chat Room - Funny Emojis and Like Ledger board Chats

Gujranwala Chat Room for all categories of chatting and all current topics. Make new friends, have fun, and enjoy a good time online. The Music Masti chat room helps you understand and know what’s going around your city, country, and world. You meet many new people who are able to share all good things with you. They want to make friends or just speak to someone for the time being.

Sometimes you can invite your own family members or friends to have a good online chat corner. Play around with emojis or have professional chats. Sometimes you can have your work-related meetings also on ledger board chats.

Chatting And More

Whatever the reason chat rooms are always buzzing with people.  Talk about what’s hot and what’s not. Like the T20  World cup. You can watch live scores on our website and enjoy ball-to-ball score as it happens. Great games are being played. The match between India and Pakistan, the historic win, the great disappointment for the Indians. watch it all as it happens. Even Pakistan’s second match with New Zealand was a classic. great batting, great bowling, overall, a great game. And the Greens bagged another victory by displaying great sportsmanship.

You can even find someone who can resolve your issues. People even post their academic problems or other work-related, and relationship-related issues. You often get good answers too. Because sometimes when casually people help it works better than getting any paid or professional help.

Anyways, to conclude, chat rooms have worked great during the pandemic as well. When everyone was stuck at home, these chat rooms were used to kill time and make new friends. The boring and restricted life became exciting. People from all over the world were joining chat rooms to talk to anyone who was able to chat. Just to relieve themselves of all the lockdown stress, chat rooms turned out the best.

Pakistani Chatrooms As Your Entertainer


Pakistani Chatrooms, Its not very difficult to recall that when chatting was introduced as in Pakistani chatrooms, the youth went crazy. They simply were delighted to having to chat with friends. Not just this, the idea of free chatting and making friends was also unique. Hours and hours were spent enjoying chatting, flirting, connecting and making friends. Pakistani chatrooms without registration provided free access to chatrooms to all. Girls, boys, adults all had a good time with these free chatroom.

Why Pakistani Chatrooms Became Famous

The most popular Pakistani chatroom were able to attract a good audience because of its features. The best one being able to keep your identity secret. You could become anyone while being in these online chatrooms. The main purpose was anonymous friendship, people chatting, chatting with random strangers and chatting with opposite sex. Best chatting apps were searched and online chatting was taking its toll.

Chatrooms Then And Now

Comparatively now we have a variety of options with chatrooms. Online Pakistani chatroom, Apple Pakistani chatroom blog spot both attract a huge crowd. Besides these, Pakistani chatroom girls and Pakistani chatroom are most trending. Slowly things have progressed. People are use video chatrooms. There can be official meetups too like colleagues having a discussion or meeting clients. Why it has become very popular is because of the pandemic and social distancing. The lockdown helped these chatrooms become more useful and a common practice. People maintained distance and continued with their work as well as leisure.

Chatrooms Have Many Opportunities

Moreover, the endless opportunities of meeting people from different states and cities in fact from all over the world. For some the pandemic had hit hard. So people who were stuck in different countries and cities, away from their families.. chatting was their new partner.
No time limitations, no duration count, no charges, just simple internet connection and you leave your worries behind.

You Too May Join

Conclusively, chatting with a stranger or a friend both have their own charm. People enjoy a little chit chat and light mode friendliness or someone just to ask ‘How are you?’ A small talk about this and that can really make someone’s day. Pakistani chatroom is full of lively people waiting for you to connect and explore the endless possibilities of informative, entertaining or casual talks.

Earn Money Online From Mobile In Pakistan – How?


Today I would like to tell you how you can use mobile phones to earn online. And this a real legit way. But like any other business there can be loss and there can be profit. we are talking about Crypto Currency. Continue reading to check out the methods and the ways to earn.

Apparently online earning is not everyone’s forte. But Crypto Currency is in and growing. What is Crypto Currency and how to go about it? Here is a little guide as to how to do it using your mobiles.

Basically Crypto Currency can be used for applications. Pakistan has many applications. There is one with 5 million users. You can search it on google with ‘best apps for crypto in Pakistan’. These applications work where you have to buy coins. The need to do this is as if you are buying shares. For example you are investing in a shop, with profit you get profit with loss you get a loss. Similarly companies have coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoint etc. There is a team behind every coin. The teams are working with the investments. Providing the profit and showing the loss.

What Is Crypto Currency?

Its not trading, its completely different. No graphs, No peaks… it works on predictions.

How much you should invest? Depends on how much you are ready to lose. Prepare for the worst and expect the best.

You have to install the applications and verify according to the requirements of every application. Once you have made your account you have to visit ‘Spot’ which will show you the coins available. Ignore the Future option just stick to Spot. This shows your profit and loss. You can check out the graph of your daily earnings and losses.

Earn Money Online – But Invest Only If you Are Ready To Lose

How to invest? Under Spot, click on P2P, from there select USDT. Its the most stable one. Buy from it. Its the most reliable way and best way to avoid scammers. Check out the market, from there check out the coin graphs. search the related on USDT. This is called Spot Trading. Its not considered as gambling, its pure investment since it involves losses too.

Chatreload – Chat, Explore, Repeat


Chatreload is your ticket to chat fun and making new friends. With the rise in people logging online and maintaining social distance, chatting is in again. There was a time when people were crazy about chatting but then video calls, instant messaging and work load had put things off. Now with the pandemic taking its toll and people avoiding socializing have a chance to explore chatting again. Chat rooms such as Mix Chat Room, Online Pakistani Chatroom, and Gupshup Chat are the most trending.

Chatreload will allow you to meet new people who might also have the same interests. You can discuss your likeness in sports, or the national news. You can meet people from other countries and chat about the world wide issues if that is your favorite. Besides this you can be a part of any on going discussion. Maybe a book review for readers, or a movie review or a trending song or album. Its just for you to choose and start chatting.

However the best part is that different chat rooms are available for you like Music MastiFM, HiHelloBye, Islamabad Chatroom and Awami Chatroom. In fact, if you a re music lover then there are many chat rooms buzzing with music news and artist discussions. Chat rooms such as Awaz FM94, Music Chat Zone, Hum FM 106 , Music Chat room are trending with music news.

Overall, no matter what the topic some chatroom or the other will be to your liking. Moreover, you can invite your friends too. You can have fun chatting with them, sharing emojis or customizing your chats. General chatrooms, private chat rooms or Fun Chat Corner, all are good for your new and old friends. A good chat can also turn strangers into chat pals. You will find many fellows who have the same point of view about something and that will  help you chat with alike mind people. Because it is very important to rant out, to relieve your stress or just have a healthy chat from time to time.

So check out the chatrooms such as Apple Pakistani Chatroom, Paki Chat rooms and Awami Karachi Chat room. All can be joined and explored

Pakichatroom For Quality Time And Friendship


Pakichatroom is another chatroom where you can have quality time. Besides Pakistani chat room, Paki Chatrooms, Pak chat corner now even Pakichatroom is there for you. Young boys and girls can enjoy jokes, share memes, current situations, socialize and what not. The youth always look for gatherings that are engaging and fun loving. And Music is always the first priority for some. So for that there are many chat rooms like Music Chat Zone, Mast FM 101, Radio Divine 106.

Trending Paki Chatrooms

Chat rooms are always buzzing with many issues that may be long forgotten or might remind you of your special moments and happenings. You can participate in those or scroll over to read the comments that are generally given. If not, then you can simply start your own chat or thread and discuss the topic or the trend.

Apparently, chat rooms are also a good way of getting knowledge about the latest. Whether it be fashion, sports, technology, gadgets… you just have to find what interests you. Sometimes you even find professionals online, so you can get hardcore advice. Besides this the most amazing part is making news friends and having a good time. You can even invite your pals and fellow workers for a business chat or plain fun time. Similarly you can chat around with your friends and enjoy the chat features too. Its like having a good time with your friends without interacting with them physically.

Explore chat rooms like Live Chat Zone, Chat crazy, India’s No.1 Chatroom and have a useful or well spent time online.

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