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How To Earn Money Online From Mobile In Pakistan


Today I would like to tell you how you can use mobile phones to earn online. And this a real legit way. But like any other business there can be loss and there can be profit. we are talking about Crypto Currency. Continue reading to check out the methods and the ways to earn.

Apparently online earning is not everyone’s forte. But Crypto Currency is in and growing. What is Crypto Currency and how to go about it? Here is a little guide as to how to do it using your mobiles.

Basically Crypto Currency can be used for applications. Pakistan has many applications. There is one with 5 million users. You can search it on google with ‘best apps for crypto in Pakistan’. These applications work where you have to buy coins. The need to do this is as if you are buying shares. For example you are investing in a shop, with profit you get profit with loss you get a loss. Similarly companies have coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoint etc. There is a team behind every coin. The teams are working with the investments. Providing the profit and showing the loss.

What Is Crypto Currency?

Its not trading, its completely different. No graphs, No peaks… it works on predictions.

How much you should invest? Depends on how much you are ready to lose. Prepare for the worst and expect the best.

You have to install the applications and verify according to the requirements of every application. Once you have made your account you have to visit ‘Spot’ which will show you the coins available. Ignore the Future option just stick to Spot. This shows your profit and loss. You can check out the graph of your daily earnings and losses.

Earn Money Online – But Invest Only If you Are Ready To Lose

How to invest? Under Spot, click on P2P, from there select USDT. Its the most stable one. Buy from it. Its the most reliable way and best way to avoid scammers. Check out the market, from there check out the coin graphs. search the related on USDT. This is called Spot Trading. Its not considered as gambling, its pure investment since it involves losses too.

Chatreload – Chat, Explore, Repeat


Chatreload is your ticket to chat fun and making new friends. With the rise in people logging online and maintaining social distance, chatting is in again. There was a time when people were crazy about chatting but then video calls, instant messaging and work load had put things off. Now with the pandemic taking its toll and people avoiding socializing have a chance to explore chatting again. Chat rooms such as Mix Chat Room, Online Pakistani Chatroom, and Gupshup Chat are the most trending.

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Overall, no matter what the topic some chatroom or the other will be to your liking. Moreover, you can invite your friends too. You can have fun chatting with them, sharing emojis or customizing your chats. General chatrooms, private chat rooms or Fun Chat Corner, all are good for your new and old friends. A good chat can also turn strangers into chat pals. You will find many fellows who have the same point of view about something and that will  help you chat with alike mind people. Because it is very important to rant out, to relieve your stress or just have a healthy chat from time to time.

So check out the chatrooms such as Apple Pakistani Chatroom, Pakidil and Apna Karachi Chat room. All can be joined and explored

Pakichatroom For Quality Time And Friendship


Paki chat room is another chatroom where you can have quality time. Besides Pakistani chat room, Pak Mix Chat, Pak chat room now even Pakichatroom is there for you. Young boys and girls can enjoy jokes, share memes, current situations, socialize and what not. The youth always look for gatherings that are engaging and fun loving. And Music is always the first priority for some. So for that there are many chat rooms like Music Chat Zone, Mast FM 101, Radio Divine 106.

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Online Pakistani Chatroom For Foodies, Music Lovers And More


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Online Pakistani Chatroom For Meeting Friends

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Mix Chat Room / MixChatRoom Chat Room Free Online


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Mix Chat Room Has To Offer More

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Karachi King’s addition M. Haris thrilled for PSL

karachi kings

After a 24hr delay in their arrival to Abu Dhabi, the PSL (Pakistan Super League) players are finally looking forward to the matches. With many replacements and addition of new players, teams will now be battling with new faces. Similarly, Mohammad Haris, an emerging new wicket keeper, relates his selection as nothing less than a dream come true. The former Pakistan’s U19 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2020 player, originally belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. But in PSL he will be playing for Karachi Kings.

Claiming to be a natural game player and assuring of his fitness, Haris is quite keen and eager to get out on the field and play brilliantly.

The PSL 6’s remainder are most likely scheduled to be played from the first week of June in Abu Dhabi. However the schedule might be revised as PCB is waiting for the visas of the Indian and the South African members.

Being lead by Imad Wasim, Karachi Kings are the defending champions for PSL season six. Currently the champions are leading with 5 points and an NRR 0.697. Where as Peshawar Zalmi are following with the same 5 points and a NRR of 0.273. Karachi King had bagged 3 wins and 2 losses in the first half of the league.

Justin Timberlake’s ‘Palmer’ – A journey of an offender becoming a defender.


An ex-footballer Eddie Palmer (Justin Timberlake) has just been released from a 12 years prison sentence and has moved in with his grandmother Vivian (June Squibb). A family of a drug addict mother – Shelly (Juno Temple) and abusive boyfriend and a sensitive son Sam (Ryder Allen) living in a trailer, attracts his attention. He is made to face a crises of masculinity in the form of Sam being bullied for obsessing fairies, dolls and dresses.

Palmer ends up taking care of him most of the time, is how the story unfolds. This family melodrama is a Justin Timberlake return feature film since 2017.
At first Palmer is put off by the child. Sam’s unique compulsion for liking girly things. But later on becomes his greatest defender and supporter as he starts to feel the parenting instinct within.

The film begins with making the audience familiar with the characters and becoming a part of the town – a typical Fisher Stevens direction. An actor com director, managing the project, because its greatest tenacity lies in its character and the silent moments between the leading cast. It experiences the clear milestones of an actor’s view with so much stress given to the body language. As actions speak louder than the dialogues.
Palmer’s progression in the story is turning him into a more mature man – how he learns to deal with situations which are not in his favor. Keeping violence aside, which had landed him in prison. And all this had become possible as his heart accepted and opened up for Sam. Seeing his childhood reflecting in him, like dealing with a younger version of himself.

Undoubtedly, the scenes between Timberlake and Allen are the most touching and moving. Allen makes his debut and portrays and ingenious stature of a child actor. He and Timberlake build their exhilarating bond, believably with Allen’s innocence and dexterity, being the charm of the scenes.
The story line of taking gender non compliance of a child and turning it into a strategy to make Palmer amend and re access his beliefs. Reevaluating his approach towards acting as a man and playing the part as a protector. Sam made Paler let his guards down.

Eventually, the sullen character showed his soft corner for Sam. Calm with him and  lashing out violently at those who bullied Sam. This touched the audience’s hearts and showed unexpected ways people find solace in relationships and bonds. How they help themselves to heal and meditate back to normal living.

Palmer, as a movie had focused on the state of foster care in US. It has highlighted the issues of bullying faced by Sam and Palmer’s answer to it.
Though Palmer is not the first to portray special relationships, turning ex-cons or broken people into lovable, caring, healed humans. But that doesn’t mean it still isn’t an exclusive. A take of how nurturing and unconditional love can change lives.

Get ready for post-Kissinger era China-US ties – Kissanger’s Attitude


Zheng Yongyan, is the acting dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) in China. He took up a new idea while studying the American approach to China. He said that it was “after Kissinger attitude.”

For Zheng, the United States is said to believe that Russia is more of a problem than a real threat like China. He clarified, therefore, that a “post-kiss mentality” began to take root in Washington. He believed that it aimed to transform a new Sino-US-India triangle into a Sino-US-India triangle. Hence control New Delhi and Beijing.

Apparently, Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, plays an important role in foreign policy and is a guru when it comes to the principle of balance of power. During the Cold War, he encouraged the opening of diplomatic relations with China to gain traction with the Soviet Union.

Overall, a simple summary of this strategy: forming a “coalition” with one party to collectively confront the third party. Logically, there is little difference between the US holding China to balance against the Soviet Union in the past and Washington pulling New Delhi against Beijing today. They usually mean the same thing – so one cannot say one does not “mind kissing after”.

Furthermore, it is not difficult for India to change Russia’s role as a major pillar of the world order. Therefore, it is not possible to change the China – America – India triangle in terms of the global shape of the China – America – Russia triangle.

Ever since the US has taken China as its “biggest threat”, dragging India into its ranks has become one of America’s main agendas. However, there are some obstacles along the way. India faces many challenges and complex contradictions domestically. The current invasion of coronavirus cases is a testament to the many difficulties facing the country in domestic administration. If the United States sees India as an important strategic partner with geopolitical games, some observers worry that India may often be a negative asset.

On the other hand, India also opposes the formation of a de facto alliance with the United States. Of course, New Delhi has deviated from the random policy in recent years. However, India still believes that it is a major power and that being an ally of the United States does not match India’s international image. Worst of all, neither side has strong faith in the other. They both suspect that one is completely reliable.

Like the former power structure in China, Russia and the United States, it is almost impossible to create a China, US and India triangle. However, it would be appropriate to say that Sino-US relations have since entered the Kissinger period.

Kissinger laid the foundation for establishing diplomatic relations between Beijing and Washington. Since then, US policy on China has moved forward, but the main theme can be argued to be “strategic engagement”. Since the Donald Trump administration, there has been increasing debate over whether the strategy has failed. The Biden administration’s Chinese policy is even more clear: it takes China as a broad “most serious competitor” for the United States in terms of economy, technology, security, or politics. America’s “strategic partnership” policy on China has ended. As Zheng and other observers analyze, a new era of widespread strategic competition has begun.

China insisted that it expects a relationship with the United States that is unquestioned, unquestioned, mutually respectful, and win-win. Nevertheless, the United States is blind to China’s olive branches. Therefore, it is time for China to leave the illusion that American relations may one day go back to the era of “honeymoon”, or that engagement has prevailed. China has done the same in recent times. Recent high level contacts between the two countries show that the Chinese side is not afraid to face tough statements.

The Screen Of The Kissinger Era Falls

However, if the United States does not have sufficient control over the path of widespread competition with China, then a more strategic decision would occur. This could lead to more serious conflicts.

Analysts are concerned that the rivalry between China and the United States. In the field of science and technology will eventually come to an end, creating two incompatible high-tech systems. This will affect the security of the global economy and the global supply chain.

Washington will invest heavily to increase its military strength, affecting economic competitiveness. A new round of Chinese Americans will appear in the United States. This would give more shade to the “melting pot” and make it harder to resolve serious ethnic conflicts.

The article was compiled based on an interview with Wei Chongyu, professor for the Center for American Studies at Futon University. Rai @

Four-Woman Group That Fought U.K. Algorithms Steps Up for Tech-Worker Rights


A team of four female technical lawyers forced the British government to remove a controversial mechanism for visa processing and caused a public backlash on an instrument to predict high scores. Schools Now Facebook Inc. FB 3.50% and Uber Technologies Inc. UBER is 6.61% labor rights.

Named after the European flower as Fox Glove, the group has become a force considered in technical circles who see it as a poison or cure. The recent success of this top sector in the UK over the past year and a half has provided an extraordinary global platform for a small group.

Similar groups in Europe and the United States have focused on challenging what they see as the growing power of Silicon Valley, advocacy focused on privacy issues. Fox Glove has taken a different route, focusing on the mechanisms developed by the government to rapidly demarcate civilian sectors such as education and immigration.

Corey Grider, one of the founders of Fox Clove, a 39-year-old Texan, said: “Almost no one in civil society has done anything about it.” One of the things we’re interested in is the way power When used, that decision behind a technical decision almost obscures the policy decision. ”

With a budget of more than half a million dollars as a nonprofit this year, Fox Glove is now looking at technology labor rights. Its founders came to their homes across London with weekends in 2019. Along with Ms. Grider, the group is led by 42-year-old British lawyer Rosa Curling and 33-year-old operations manager for human rights groups Martha Dark. All worked on broad human rights issues. Last year, 27-year-old Hiba Ahmed joined as a researcher.

One of Foxlow’s biggest moves came last year, when the epidemic forced the cancellation of high school exams across Britain, the key to gaining seats at the country’s top universities. The UK government has developed a mechanism to predict the standards students can achieve based on factors such as their school’s past performance and track record.

Curtis Burbitt-Ford, a student representing Fox Glove in London, said the algorithm could rank less government-funded schools than private schools in the country. Opposing the loading of the project, Mr. Foxlow said. He initiated the first legal challenge on behalf of Barbit-Ford, directed the press to publish the interview, and recommended the creation of a petition to collect around 250,000 signatures. .

The government abandoned its plan. The regulatory body, which oversees the trial and procedure, declined to comment. At the time, it defended the device as appropriate but eventually apologized for the cause of the grief. Instead, it allowed teachers to provide predictable standards.

Fox Glove had previously targeted another mechanism developed by the government that decided whether some immigrants could enter the country. In its most significant success, the panel sued the government, claiming that the tool was used to unfairly assess applicants’ nationality.

Foxlow said the challenge was the first attempt to implement an automated judicial review system in the UK. The government said it would stop using this method and examine biased visa filtration methods before filing in court. In its legal response to Fox Glove, it said the changes did not mean that the British government accepted the pro-government allegations.

Ms. said. In some cases, powerful algorithmic devices are not compatible with the technology. “The visa mechanism we used was one step away from the spreadsheet,” he said.

The team’s work has attracted the attention of industry leaders. Harry Briggs, managing partner of Omars Ventures, the Ontario Retirement Officers Office of the Canadian Pension Fund, said:

Fox Clove’s work on the rights of technical staff is attracting attention domestically.

The group has formed a network of current and former contract workers on Facebook, with whom it discusses possible legal action, campaigns, coordination or providing legal advice and support.

Many of those activists claim that their content review work for the social media site has caused psychological damage. Their job is to review material that may be considered harmful or inappropriate, such as terrorist propaganda or pornography. Eight activists in Ireland have filed a lawsuit against Facebook for alleged lack of support and psychological damage.

Ms Grider said that workers were not given enough free time and were forced to make quick decisions about the material.

A Facebook spokesperson can take a break without a time limit, as its content reviewers are required, and are not forced to make quick decisions.

Fox Glav arranged for two content critics to meet with the Irish Deputy Prime Minister, who promised to analyze the matter. It successfully petitioned the Irish government to conduct a parliamentary inquiry into the matter in Dublin. The trial took place on Wednesday.

The group works with Uber drivers in London, where a recent Supreme Court ruling gave them the right to a minimum wage. Uber said it charges minimum salaries from drivers, but while they wait for fares, the explanation given by Fox Glove is very low. The drivers’ petition panel lays the foundation for a possible lawsuit in enforcing the Supreme Court’s decision.

An Uber spokesman said Fox Claw’s explanation for setting the minimum wage was to ask drivers to work in shifts. It could open up Uber abuse, a spokeswoman said, if drivers were not working, keeping their app open for a possible fee.

Member of Parliament C. O’Neill, who oversees science and technology for Britain’s opposition Labor Party, told Fox.

Flared natural gas latest prize in bitcoin miners’ energy quest



As the value of bitcoin rises and concerns about the energy-intensive process needed to achieve it, cryptocurrency traders in the United States believe they have found a solution to the natural gas explosion.

One advantage, or mining, is that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies require multiple computers dedicated to solving complex equations – an attempt to use more electricity globally than the rest of the world, but not oil wells. Gas-powered jets on the side are the best sources of electricity. .

“I think the market is huge,” said Easy Blockchain CEO Sergei Gerasimovich. It has six different data centers that treat natural gas in the states of Utah and New Mexico and Canada.

Across the country, companies like Easy Blockchain are installing shipping containers, with hundreds of computers mining racks with cryptocurrencies that are fueled by natural gas from oil wells, otherwise burning tomorrow.

Over the years, interest in his work has increased. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and DocCoin have seen an increase in prices and major companies have started adopting the technology as COVID-19 has put the global economy at its head.

But a recession has surfaced against the energy use of digital assets, stemming from concerns over reliance on carbon-emitting energy sources that contribute to climate change.

Last week, Tesla’s boss Elon Musk criticized bitcoin’s electricity consumption, especially coal-produced energy, and said it would no longer accept cryptocurrency as a fee for its electric cars.

While entrepreneurs in the new industry say the use of wasted natural gas suggests a solution to these concerns, Tony Scott, analytics managing director at oil and gas research firm BTU Analytics, said they really needed to find a way to reduce emissions is. .

“With the best stuff and other loads, yes, it’s small,” Scott said. “They create economic value (but) they do not significantly change the emission profile.”

Many processors worldwide are involved in bitcoin mining. According to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index (CPECI), Cambridge uses 149.6 terawatt-hours of operation per year. This is slightly less than all the electricity consumed by Egypt.

As the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin is undoubtedly valuable, traded for less than $ 10,000 per year in mid-May for around $ 50,000 per year, encouraging miners to find affordable strength to increase their margins goes.

Enter natural gas combustion

If oil producers cannot find a way to implement this, they will turn to natural gas, which is cheaper and more complex to make worldwide.

Jason Dean, a bitcoin analyst at Quantum Economics, said, “Miners are around areas with more power. What’s new … is the whole idea of ​​burning gas.”

The floor burns many greenhouse gases as natural gas, but the International Energy Agency exploded around 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas worldwide in 2019, emitting nearly as much carbon dioxide as in Italy. .

The use of combustion gas to drive utility-specific bitcoin mining integrated circuits does not completely eliminate emissions, but it is better than igniting and using wasted energy.

“We go in, they make zero for their gas. Co-founder of Giga Retail Energy Solutions.” We can reduce your emissions, burn it, and create economic value on our end. ”

The natural gas side is at the expense of energy. CBECI estimates that the average global energy cost for a bitcoin mine is $ 0.05 per kWh. Lostro stated that natural gas energy can reduce the value of one kilowatt-hour by .0 0.018.

Interest in moving flame gas to cryptocurrency mining has increased, not only because digital assets are increasing in value.

“The issuance of new combustion permits has been further investigated, and I think manufacturers have realized this,” said Brit Swann, head of Ecorek’s cryptocurrency mining expansion.

“They are ready to find a way to play ball and use that gas.

Once available, companies differ in what they do with bitcoin and other digital assets.

Egork wants to convert it into dollars, but Lostro plans to keep the mines as bitcoins, which he hopes will one day introduce a new global financial system.

“There is no need to sell the world’s most valuable asset,” he said.