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Awami Chat room Karachi – Chat Online Free No Registration

Awami Chat room Karachi - Chat Online Free No Registration

Awami chat room Karachi is today the main hub for cricket discussion. T20 being the talk of the town today especially the match between the arch-rivals.

Pakistan Vs. India the titans will clash and the world will watch. With the roaring crowd in the stands and nail-biting fans behind the screens, this match is a must-watch. The spark, the interest, and the tension are unavoidable.

Awami Chat Room A Friendly Hub

All the chatrooms like Gujranwala chat room, Indian chat rooms, Hum FM 106, Funny paki radio chatrooms and Chatrooms in lahore are filled with cricket fans today. Some are in favor of the greens while the others are supporting blues. Some are sure that their team will win and the others are praying that their one does.

Both countries have been in the news for a long time. Between the borders, there are people keeping up with the dispute and some are ready to make peace. Entertainment and television and media are the ones holding it together. Artists working at both ends have tried to resolve the enmity issues through music, art, and entertainment.

Moreover, many artists have crossed borders to be a part of maybe a music album or a movie. As the people of both these countries love music, drama, and films, the actors become ambassadors.

But relationships don’t remain the same, some external issues always create hype and the across-border fellows have to go back. Though both nationals have never had to face any security issues in any country and have worked for long. But when things become difficult at the government level then strict measures are taken. Because when higher authorities start thinking otherwise then the public cannot help it either. The actors or other artists that have traveled across the border have to leave the country and either return to theirs or land at a neutral place.

Sometimes other countries too have tried to make things difficult for both these nations. And unfortunately, no one realizes what they are losing.


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